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Launching Full Online Courses for GATE-2023

Course Highlights: The entire Syllabus for GATE will be covered in the most elaborately and engaging manner.

100% authentic and unmatched content.

1000+ hours of video content on the OHM ONLINE+ platform.

Dedicated Live Sessions for doubt clarification & Discussion groups on our OHM ONLINE+ platform.

Lecture Notes and topic-wise Problem-sets covered will be provided on the OHM ONLINE+ platform.

Topic-wise Previous GATE questions with solutions will be provided on the OHM ONLINE+ platform.

Topic-wise Quizzes on our OHM ONLINE+ platform.

Free access to OHM Test Series on our OHM TEST SERIES platform.

Dedicated Helpline Numbers of each Subject for Doubt-Clarification by our Core team of faculty.

Ideal for EE/EC/IN Students of 2nd/3rd/4th Year aspiring for GATE-2022.

New Offline Batches

Course Highlights:

900 Hours of Classroom teaching for Exhaustive coverage of all subjects from basics to the most advanced level

Core Subjects (Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Power Systems) will be covered at the beginning of the course for best results

Engineering Mathematics and General Ability will be covered in detail

Thorough Revision of all subjects at the time of course completion

Also useful for various State and Central PSUs

Monitoring and Mentoring of Students through periodic interactive sessions

Highly competitive and a positive study environment

Unparalleled quality of teaching


"Extraordinary situations call for extraordinary solutions."

The CoVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted the schedule of our Flagship Long-Term Classroom program for GATE-2021. The Lockdown period forced us to postpone our Classroom program for the time being. Keeping in mind the safety of the students and our staff, it will not be wise to start classes as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

Several students have already enrolled in our classroom courses. A lot many graduated students and final-year students have made enquiries for the same. Keeping the interest of the students in mind, we have decided to start our classes through our Remote learning platform – OHM ONLINE.

The primary objective behind this initiative is to start our coursework without any further delay. We believe that this program will help all of you in kick-starting your Preparation in a structured format. Just like our classroom program, we have planned to offer extensive high-quality lectures through this platform. We are providing Lecture-notes, daily problem-sheets, Online Quizzes as well as Subject/Topic-wise tests through our OHM Test Series platform.

We have tried our best to replicate our offline classroom program as much as possible. Good Luck!


Team OHM

Key Highlights

The entire Syllabus for GATE will be covered in a detailed manner.

Dedicated Problem-solving sessions every day.

Detailed Lecture Notes along with Problem-sheets of topics covered every day will be provided.

Regular Quizzes on our OHM Test Series Platform along with Video Solutions.

GATE-General Ability Quiz on every alternate day.

Subject-wise tests at the completion of each Subject.

Dedicated doubt-clarification Videos & doubt-clarification groups.

Dedicated Helpline Numbers of each Subject for Doubt-Clarification by our Core Faculty.

Constant Comunication

We will engage you with resourceful communications like live sessions exam updates, tips & tricks and other useful messages that helps you focus and improve on your learning. Our communication are targeted and oriented to help you learn better.

OHM Online Test Series


Streams: EC, EE

Total Tests: 60, Total Questions: 1740


Chaitanya kumar gate 2019 ec 04.jpg

Chaitanya Kumar

AIR-4, GATE-19 (EC)

Hi, this is Chaitanya Kumar. I secured an AIR of 4 in GATE ECE 2019 and currently pursuing M.S. at IIT Madras in analog/Mixed-signal circuit design.

I have studied analog electronics and EDC from Gautham sir during my coaching. I will like to thank him to teach the subject in a way that I decided to choose it as a career option. I found his teaching style really good. Instead of passive teaching where students just jot down what the teacher is writing on the board, he made us arrive at the concepts by giving us in-class problems. This gave a sense of confidence in the subject and also increased our problem-solving ability.

I used to enjoy his classes a lot. I am very thankful to him for teaching a subject in such an interesting and easy manner.

Heet Unadkat

AIR-11, GATE-19 (EE)

currently working at


Shankar Sir, Surendra Sir, and Giri Sir - In all of them I found some Great common points:1)Focus on Basics2)Variety of Questions they teach3)Analysis and Question attacking ways4)The enthusiasm with which they teach.They give their best in Paving your ways for Success and if you follow them, then for sure you will reach your Destiny, which happened in my case.I thank Shankar Sir, Surendra Sir, and Giri Sir from the bottom of my heart to guide me through the journey of GATE.

raghav reddy ec.PNG
Raghava Reddy

AIR-32, GATE-18 (EC)

AIR-26, ESE-18

(Selected in ISRO & DRDO) 

OHM faculty are young and dedicated towards helping the students to achieve their goals. Hemanth sir's teaching and problem-solving sessions in the class helped me in my success. Hemanth sir motivated and gave personal suggestions and support during my preparation. Gautam sir teaches difficult concepts in an easy way and his techniques in Analog electronics, semiconductor devices are extremely useful for competitive exams. Institute is managed by the faculty themselves, so institute is students' friendly and adopts new methods of coaching quickly. OHM focusses more on students and gives enough time in the class to solve questions and clarify doubts with faculty. I wish good luck to all the aspirants.​

Vicky Mishra air-67 gate 20 EC.jpg
Vikcy Mishra

AIR-67, GATE-20 (EC)

I studied in ace academy, with few brightest faculties on that time at Delhi Saket center, especially one who taken my level from 0 to 100 in study field of some super subjects(EDC and Analog), my all time favourite sir #goutham sir ♥️Sir I just want to say the heartful thanks to u, the way you explained concepts in depth created another level mindset.#ab kvi v hesitate nhi krta , Kisi v things KO leke in this domain (EDC and analog ).Your teaching literally sir, I loved all the time. I haven't studied any reference book, only your given techniques in problem-solving + conceptual understanding and made my mind as a book, especially in these two subjects. #love u sir.Thanks word is not sufficient to describe my respect for u #u will be my all-time best faculty #love u sir ♥️

prathmesh air 10 ese-18 ec.PNG
Prathamesh Kakade

AIR-10, ESE-18 (EC)

When I started preparing for ESE, I lacked the very basics required to solve the problems. But Hemanth sir taught all the concepts from the very basics and in a manner that was both easy to understand and to apply. He teaches in a way which doesn't require us to remember things but rather derive them in a very short amount of time which is really helpful as we are bound to forget things in the exam. Apart from academics, he also motivates his students a lot which is really important. So if you have an opportunity to learn from him, I would recommend to do it without any hesitation.

avinash singh gate 19 air 70 ec.PNG
Avinash Singh

AIR-70, GATE-19 (EC)

 am Avinash Singh, currently pursuing my Mtech (integrated circuits) from IIT Delhi I have studied analog electronics and EDC from Goutham sir, he is one class of a teacher who not only teaches well but also create interest in you to explore the subject, coming to GATE, he has taught the analog and EDC which is a nightmare for many but he made this subjects cakewalk, also he does not make irrelevant copy filling notes, just not analog he clarifies doubts in other subjects which will leave u mesmerized,(that is the way things work). He along with some faculty has opened ohm institute i support him in his endeavour  ,some institute is trying to defame him. and institute just because of business competition . I assure u must not listen to this crap and nonsense from others ,he is one of best faculty in gate .please do not be fooled by other institutes.

ananthram HPCL.PNG

Ananth Ram Pasupuleti

Currently working

asElectrical Executive,

Visakh Refinery,HPCL

I am more than happy and feel privileged to share my experience with Mr. B. Surendra Reddy, Core Team Faculty member at OHM Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineering. I had known him since June 2016 when I attended classes in ACE institute, Vizag for GATE-2017.

I still remember his introduction class of Induction Machines when Sir has explained the concept of rotating magnetic field and the principle behind it with utmost clarity and detailing. Surendra Sir has taken up the entire rotating Machines Syllabus for our batch in less than a month's time covering Induction machines, DC machines & Synchronous machines. The way he had handled the most complex problems in Synchronous machines & his lucidity have always motivated me to go deep into the subject and increase my understanding of it.

Besides being a subject matter expert, he has always been motivational and very tolerant towards the doubts raised by his student during or after his class. I myself had experienced his pro-active attitude while explaining the students seeking clarifications in numerical problems & discussing the various concepts in EMF. He has been the most punctual teacher who utilized every minute during the stipulated time allocated to him.

In this regard, undoubtedly, I express my gratitude to Mr. Surendra Reddy and heart-fully state that he has played a crucial role in my success to achieve AIR-393 in GATE-2017 in my very first attempt during my final year of B.Tech.

I wish and hope he would help more people each year, which in turn helps many more students like me to reach their goals & aspirations in the Electrical & Electronics Engineering background. I wish him all the very best in his present and future endeavours.

Shalvi Dhate gate 19 ec 246.PNG

Shalvi Dhote

AIR-246, GATE-19 (EC)

I took a hard choice 2 years back, I dropped a year for GATE 2019. For that, I chose Ace Hyderabad which turned out to be the best decision. I can say this predominantly because of Gautham Sir. He is indeed one of the gems I have come across who has inspired me to do great in every aspect. He carries a great passion and depth of the concepts he teaches. He can easily switch between a friend and a faculty. He can go to any level to make you understand something if you are passionate enough. He leaves the class only after taking all the doubts and makes sure everyone has their doubts sorted. Hardly you will come across a teacher who will make you fall in love with the subject. He is a very genuine person and you will be surprised to know that he is modest despite the kind of knowledge he wields.

There are no magic tricks, he will make you understand concepts in a fundamental way so that it always stays with you. 

He is the best mentor and teacher I have got. 

A personal anecdote: 

I had converted NPCIL but I chose IEC IIT Delhi because then I was driven by my own passion which was fuelled by Gautham sir. I am thankful to him for making me able to make crucial decisions so easily. I will always be indebted to him for sharing his precious knowledge with so much ease. He is a life changer.

I can say proudly that I will always be a student of Gautham Sir.

Vaishnavi air 48 ese-2019 ec.PNG

AIR-48, ESE-2019 (EC)

The most important steps in preparation for a competitive examination are clarity of concept, understand the extensions of the concept, solve problems and practice them. I was fortunate enough to be guided by Hemanth sir and Gautam sir, I was able to get past the first three steps quite easily. They were approachable and always ready to clarify our doubts. We were encouraged to ask our doubts and discuss them. This helped me immensely in my exams and also the interview.I was taught Basic electrical engineering and microprocessors by Hemanth sir. It was taught in a very lucid manner, it helped me broaden my knowledge base. Sir’s guidance for ESE interview, was immensely helpful in addressing and improving both technical and personality-related areas.I was taught EDC and analog circuits by Gautam sir. It was a turning point in my understanding of clipper circuits , small-signal analysis and MOS capacitor theory. The theory was explained in a detailed and lucid manner along with problems. They are some of the most important topics in exams.I consider myself fortunate to have been their student, their contribution was pivotal in my performance in all the exams I have appeared since.

Manoj kumar.jpg
Manoj Kumar

AIR-166, GATE-19 (EC)

I took coaching classes from ACE Delhi in GATE-2017 batch (during 3rd year of my B. Tech.) . I appeared for GATE-2018 but due to lack of seriousness i could not score well. Then i started preparing for GATE-2019 after completion of B. TECH. But i found difficulty in EDC and Analog. My concepts were weak in these subjects. Then i took Gautam Sir's notes from my friend and started preparing EDC and Analog. I couldn't imagine that EDC and Analog will be my strongest subjects after reading those notes. All the topics were covered so nicely, and each topic was explained using basic mathematics and basic concepts. As we know in GATE-2019 EDC and Analog were dominant subjects, So I got AIR-166 in GATE-2019 because of these two subjects.

Then I took ESE- Mains classes at ACE Delhi. There I attended Gautam sir's classes of EDC and Analog. It was a mind-blowing experience for me. The way he teaches is extremely simple and complex problems look very simple. He didn't use any shortcuts, just by the basic concepts he taught us how to solve complex problems. This helped me building my concepts stronger and deepen my knowledge in EDC and Analog.

I used to take career guidance from Gautam Sir. He replied to my messages immediately and explained my doubts elaborately. Finally I got selected in IISc Bangalore (Microelectronics and VLSI), IIT Delhi ( VDTT), BARC, NPCIL , ONGC.

All the credit of my success  goes to Gautam sir.

Gaurav Gupta.jpg

Gaurav Gupta

(pursuing VDTT course at IIT-DELHI)

I have studied EDC and Analog from Goutham sir. He is a very good mentor. He made my interest in analog design. While teaching analog, he also cleared some concepts of control and networks. He doesn't speak very high and doesn't show fake attitude. I am pursuing VDTT course at IITD. And some of the concepts asked in the interview were very well taught by him in the class. All of the knowledge I have acquired from him made me remind of him every time I do Analog IC designing.

I know one thing. He played a great role in where I am today.

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